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Cambodian SMEs in the 4th Industrial Revolution: Government Policies and Opportunities

Over the past decade, the world has entered a new phase called the 4th Industrial Revolution powered by many ICT innovations such as Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Big Data and Augmented Reality, and a vast number of startups and forward-thinking companies globally have embraced it to improve or transform their business models. Cambodia, where small and medium enterprises​ make up a sizable part of the economy, is a market with high potential to draw value from those innovations. Micro-SMEs and SMEs employment represents about 72% of the total workforce which is 2,571,543 million people with 515,630 being establishments2, legally registered and non-registered, in Cambodia. The country’s government is looking to facilitate and tap into the opportunities they present through a number of regulatory and policy initiatives aimed at SMEs and tech-driven companies such as the Rectangular Strategy Phase IV, which will be outlined in this article. The latter part of this…

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  • Author: Lydet Pidor
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